Smooth Glass Lightning Rod Balls

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When ordering cable, please ensure to enter in the exact amount of feet you need. If you enter in "5" in the quantity selector, you will receive 5 feet of cable.

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About Our Lightning Rod Balls

If the ball you want does not come with caps, don't worry! You can purchase the caps separately, but please note that they will not come pre-glued on.

Ball Specifications:

  • Size: 4.5" wide
  • Cap Size (if included): 5/8" X 1.25" (Designed for 5/8" rods)

Our lightning rod balls are specifically designed for 5/8" rods, but they can also be used with 1/2" rods since 1/2" is smaller than 5/8".

Please take a moment to browse the drop-down menu to select your preferred color and cap combinations. Keep in mind that some combinations may be temporarily out of stock.